steve ballmer sabe moverse

Nosotros en Geeky Mobility jamas dudamos de la capacidad física que el CEO de Microsoft, nuestro favorito Steve Ballmer, pueda tener y el video lo demuestra.

Agil en sus movimientos se apresuro a cubrirse cuando un estudiante mal humorado por la injusticia que, según el, Microsoft habría cometido al "robar billones de dólares de los contribuidores de impuestos Húngaros" no tuvo mejor idea que lanzarle huevos, huevos de verdad.

Quieren saber porque nosotros confiamos en su físico? Comprueben ustedes mismos.
Nota: en el minuto 00:22, se pisa el pie, pero lo disimula bien.


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  Steve Ballmer

20 de mayo de 2008, 18:38

The kid was taken to a back room where he was being held by a campus security guy and my Blackwater Bodyguard #6.
I told the university staff that I was concerned about him and wanted to speak to him personally. He was handcuffed and tied down to a chair. As everyone left so I could have my little "talk" with this poor troubled soul, I instructed BWBG#6, "Nobody gets in here for the next 45 seconds!", he said, "I understand sir."

The rest of my story goes like this:
"I approached the kid and he became irrational! He screamed, tipped his chair over backwards, slammed his head into the wall several times! I tried helping him up by the neck, but he tried to bite me! I released him and he fell to the floor hitting his head on my shoe (several times)! Boy was I glad to get out of there! That guy was crazy."

The Hungarian authorities have assured me that he will never do anything like this again.

I am not evil

  Billie Joe & Zsa Zsa

21 de mayo de 2008, 10:12

Very well then, if that's the way the story goes...thanks anyway. thanks for the comment!